Music Articles

Paul McMahon: Hymn to Her

Magnetic Fields at Club Helsinki

On Melanie

The Mid-Hudson Kids’ Music Renaissance

Sub Pixel: Prog and Proud

You Call That a Mountain? You Call That a Jam?

Living with Elephants

The Indie Oasis in Uptown Kingston

On Brian Dewan

The Duke McVinnie Band

Blues Prodigies

Electronic Tonic: Bob Lukomski and Experimental Music in the Hudson Valley

On Mark Donato

On The Wiyos

On Mumford & Sons and Laura Marling

Kevin McMahon and Marcata

On John Cage

On Ben Neill and His Mutantrumpet

Night of the Living Feelies

On Robbie Dupree and Yacht Rock

On Babe the Blue Ox

BSP and the Winchester Mansion

On Battles of the Bands

On Zine Author Kate Larson

Glen Heroy and the Maestrosities

On Chris Stamey

On o’death

My Blues Blues

I personally can’t get enough toy pianos, brass quartets and solipsistic choirs, and I do feel that, perhaps, they should be required.

My Andrew Bird Problem, and Yours

Some People Like Music (On Nick Lowe)

Loop City (on Martin Dosh)

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